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Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

Lead Game Designer | Associate Producer

A stealth-horror adventure set in the 1980s on the set of a children’s TV show. You are a master puppet maker whose prized creations—the Handeemen—have come to life and are hunting you. Play hide and seek against advanced AI that forces you to adapt and improvise.​

Coming soon! Fall 2022


Director | Designer

A seated VR horror game built for the Oculus Rift. You ride through pitch-black tunnels in a minecart with flash photography as creatures look for you based on sound- and vision-mechanics. 


Created for my MFA thesis, this tunnel of horrors draws inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, classic creature features, and modern survival horror games.

More info.

Associate Designer | Level Design

“HELLO PUPPETS!” is a horror-comedy adventure for the Oculus Rift that turns your hand into a living, talking puppet named Scout.

More info.


Director | Designer

A third-person platformer that centers on a child and a shape shifting shadow inside his backpack. You must explore the worlds underneath beds to collect ripe socks and boogers in order to find your kidnapped dog.

More info.

Director | Designer | Writer

A horror ARG with five branching narrative arcs and real world puzzle mechanics based around the USC campus. What may seem like a geeky, fun-filled summer at Camp Render may be more sinister than any Camp Counselor ever imagined (or even cared for).

More info.


Writer | Level Designer

A third-person RTS where you play as a puppet mercenary with their trusty bow in search of their lost creator in a puppet world. Aid the Wooden Puppets in the war against the Tin Puppets to find Ruben!

More info.

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