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Made with Unity. Built for Oculus Rift.

Otherworld Interactive's VR horror experience for the Oculus Rift. I was on production for about nine months, starting as a summer intern then sticking around in an associate designer position with an emphasis on level and scare design.


Watch the trailer here.

Available for purchase on the Oculus Store.

Duties included,

  • Designing high- and low-intensity scare encounters by utilizing assets from both the art and engineering teams.

  • Prototyping mechanics in C# for internal playtesting before working with the engineering team to polish and implement.

  • Importing then optimizing 3D models and 2D Textures for in-engine use.

  • Updating greybox scenes with modular 3D assets provided by the art team: Scenes included office areas, abandoned television studios, and sewers.

  • Preparing scenes for static mesh light baking before running builds.

  • Creating animation mecanims with different variables to trigger animations.

  • Conducting internal playtests in preparation for major milestones.

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