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Made with Unity. Available on Steam.

A prequel to Otherworld Interactive's VR Horror game, Hello, Puppets! 


Watch the trailer here.

Available for purchase on the Oculus Store.

Roles included,

  • Designing high- and low-intensity scare encounters by utilizing assets from both the art and engineering teams.

  • Prototyping mechanics in C# for internal playtesting before working with the engineering team to polish and implement.

  • Importing then optimizing 3D models and 2D Textures for in-engine use.

  • Updating greybox scenes with modular 3D assets provided by the art team: Scenes included office areas, abandoned television studios, and sewers.

  • Preparing scenes for static mesh light baking before running builds.

  • Creating animation mecanims with different variables to trigger animations.

  • Conducting internal playtests in preparation for major milestones.

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