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Made with Unity.

Heavily influenced by the early days of 3D Platforming, a young boy, named Boy, and his shape shifting shadow friend, named Shadow, go under the bed to find Boy's missing Dog—named Dog. By collecting boogers and ripe socks, the buddy duo help out the denizens of the Bogeyman's dominion.

I created this project with one other team member in order to learn production methodologies (AGILE, Scrum) and other standards (major milestones, conducting playtests) in a graduate course at the University of Southern California. Even though the course heavily emphasized production, I forced myself to put on design, engineering, and art hats in order to help game development along on a week-to-week basis. For a 15-week semester, I delved into level design flow and 3D world building, importing rigs and animations created by my design partner, and even lite-AI development in addition to the strict Agile production methodologies taught in the course.

By utilizing a USB adapter, the game comes equipped with Nintendo 64 controller support for full 1990s-retro immersion!

Roles included,

  • Designing the narrative beats at a macro level.

  • Implementing narrative beats in Unity at a micro level.

  • Creating greybox scenes in Maya to prototype level layouts.

  • Writing the dialogue for characters with Final Draft.

  • Designing areas of interest with player mechanics and narrative in mind.

  • Maintaining a strict production schedule and met all major deadlines.

  • Conducting two rounds of external playtesting, focusing on general user feedback.

  • Updating the character controller to work with a Nintendo 64 controller.

Full Game Playthrough (YouTube)

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